Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome Wagon

Welcome to the Genoa-Kingston High School learning center blog. This blog is intended to be a space where students, GKHS staff members, CUSD #424 staff members, and Genoa-Kingston parents can share their thoughts about anything related to reading or information literacy. I would like to encourage everyone to share book reviews, book recommendations, or knowledge they have about authors, books, a particular book series, or even movies based upon books. Remember that you are representing the Genoa-Kingston school district, so keep your posts appropriate and thoughtful. Blog entries that test the limits of appropriateness will not be posted. If you have to question it, don't write it. Now, let's talk books!


  1. Great idea! This will serve all students well.

    My recommendation for a book to read over the summer is The Stranger by Albert Camus. I think it is important that students read the Matthew Ward translation as it is truer to Camus' original prose.

  2. Thanks for joining us Mr. Lekkas! Also, thanks for your help in getting this started. I'm having a ball with it.